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HIST 3760 Militarism at Home 1924-1940.doc

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HIST 3760
Joshua Fogel

1thMonday March 5 2012HIST 3760AMILITARISM AT HOME 19241940The Japanese were bombed and occupied for years after the warThe argument of this lecture is that salient features run through the Meiji period There were no abrupt or drastic changes or transformationsSalient Features of Modern JapanMilitarism and aggressionoWWII didnt start with Pearl Habor in Japan Japan had been fighting in WWII for 10 years already beginning in 1931 It was known as the 15year war for JapanoMilitarism and war wasnt such a sound aberration but instead it was a logical outgrowth from the Meiji RestorationoThe Japanese people in that era were precluded They were not allowed to leave their own borders a form of latent militarism They were antiimperialist and anticolonialistRevolt against the WestoThe revolt came in cycles alternating with infatuations in cyclesoMeiji Japan learned spiritual culture and scienceoThe development of liberalism also developed in the WestoThey became civiliz
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