HIST 4061 Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: Roger Wilkins, Democratic Education, Class Discrimination

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13 Aug 2016
Race Notes Week 17
Kozol: the shame of the nation
- Roger Wilkins went to school in Michigan with whites, he benefited from stereotypes because
he surpassed what his teachers expected of him.
oHe learnt that whites were not a master race and devilish but they were ordinary
- Racist beliefs must be thought of again or it will never get better
- Some argue that the education bill during the Bush administration that emphasizes national
accountability procedures, authorized instructional techniques, and standardized exams
constitutes a “national response”
oThis did not bring the power of the federal government to bear on inequities in funding
or infrastructure between wealthier and more impoverished districts
- What Wilkins recognized to be a national calamity was being addressed instead as an injustice
that was caused by the particulars of politics and funding practices at local levels with the moral
obligations of the nation as a whole almost entirely shunted out of view
- (stopped at 241)
Marks and Tonso: African-Centered Education
- Essay investigates the effect that public schooling as on the education of African Americans and
argues for the implementation of African-centered curriculum and instruction for African
American students
- Culturally deprived education has served to perpetuate the oppression of black students
- Mono-cultural theory has contributed to the proliferation and maintenance of racism and
oppression of A.A. students in public education
- 2 ways in which American public education functions as an oppressor of A.A. students:
o1: promoting assimilation and melting-pot values
o2: the annihilation of social justice by providing students with unequal educational
opportunities, especially unequal educational outcomes
- The melting pot theory pits A.A. against one another, inhibiting their progress as a people
oWhen A.A. attempt to identify with standards of success associated with whites, they
are frequently compelled to choose between white success and cultural commitment
- Advocated of melting pot theory perpetuate the status quo of education to uphold the existing
social orders of racism and classism, propelling their group and those who ascribe to their values
into dominance
- The melting pot encourages members of other groups to abandon their cultural heritage and
assimilate to the dominant group
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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