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HLST 1011

HH HLST - 1011 Lecture 2: Monday, January 13 , 2014 Lecture Topic: The Media and the Emergency Department NewspaperArticle Summary: The crisis in ER by Vincent Lam p. 109 in course reader. Why is media reporting important? • Source of information about health and health care for large segments of public. • Can affect priorities of politicians • Can influence use of health facilities, drugs, etc. • May increase tensions between groups, e.g., doctors/nurses and paramedics • Can change and affect relationship between health professionals and patients • Important source of news for the media (helps media generate revenue) Potential Consequences of Media • Dissatisfaction with care - Disruptive behaviour - Complaints to hospital, CPSO - Litigation • Physicians need to be cognizant of these perceptions and explain to patients - Why case will not resolve quickly - Why time moves more slowly in reality - Team-based approach to care that MD is a part of but does not lead Why do stories about the ED get into media? • Crisis situation - Long waits, people dying, new problems (SARS, West Nile, H1N1), shooting • Heighten awareness about problems in EDs • Reporters invited in to see/document situation in hope of stimulating action - e.g., RNAO may talk to reporters about nursing shortage • Weather related - Cold: how to treat hypothermia - Hot: how to treat heat stroke What is newsworthy? • Will the target audience be interested in the subject? • Is the story “new”? Is there a new angle? • Is it relevant to the times? And in what context? • Is there controversy? • Is there a human interest angle? • Will it help sell newspapers? • Will our competitors run the story? Who cares about how the media portrays the ED? • Politicians • Hospital administrators • Doctors and nurses in the ED • Patients/public • Media Where do journalists/writers get their information? • ER T.V. Show - 2 of 6 writers were doctors (one was practising in an
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