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Lecture 1

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York University
Health Studies
HLST 2030
Peter Tsasis

Lecture One HLST 2030 INTRODUCTION – Friday January 10, 2014 The Management Challenge of Delivering Value in Health Care • 3 fundamental things need to be done/changed regarding health care all over the world • 1. Quality improvement; reducing medical errors, getting rid of infections, not compromising patients safety, integrating services -takes many general forms but brings value into healthcare • 2. Reducing Funding/Costs of Care; needs to have reduction in cost. How do you get a better quality and at the same time lower costs? -This is a system challenge - Technology is critical and essential and has brought many changed to healthcare, however brings an increase to cost -Population expectations, physician availability, having stakeholders in the health care system such as pharmaceuticals, patients, governments, etc. are a cost drive and all play out how costs are determined • 3. Improving Access (wait times); ER congestion and overcrowding, not having access to primary care physicians/specialists • All three challenges are known as the “Iron Triangle” of health care because they are all interrelated, and represents sustainability • Each variable is a multiplicity of things; they all have an effect on the system Current problems of the Canadian health care system • Emergency overcrowding • Doctor shortage • Waiting times -patients are waiting several months for hip replacements or CAT scans, etc. -answer = make the system more efficient *USA puts a lot of funding into their health care system through private enterprise; use economic paradigm (seems to be taking care of the wait time issue) *Canada uses more of a socialism system -the spending is not necessarily spent across health care, income-class-race is what determines how much insurance/coverage you get. Example: USA has the most $ when it comes to healthcare coverage (referring to chart presented in class) however their life expectancy rate is a lot lower than the competing countries listed -discrepancy is created between healthcare system; duel between public and private systems; you are stratifying population based on
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