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Human Resources Management
HRM 3440
Soosan Latham

Developing Leadership and Managerial Skills HRM 3440 September 6 2012h Dr. Soosan D. Latham [email protected] Presentation Topics – 8 or 9; assigned group Book Report Select a current or classic book that has influenced general thinking on leadership or an aspect of leadership in particular: - Short summary of the book as introduction - Write a critical report highlighting key concepts/ideas that influenced your thinking - Conclude with ideas on how you may apply these concepts to your personal or professional life - No more than 5 pages, double spaced, font 12 th - Due date: October 18 2012 Leadership Profile Based on your “reflection and action” journal completed throughout the course provide a critical evaluation of your personal leadership style and capabilities. The paper should include: - A critical assessment of personal strengths and challenges based on completed assessments, insights from class discussions and course material as
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