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Human Resources Management
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HRM 3440
Soosan Latham

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HRM 3440 – (7) th October 18 2012 Celebrating failures in organizations; understanding what they did wrong; it will innovate the organization; possibility of benefits in understanding the failures Articulate your vision – to help others as much as I can; dedicate my life to helping others – meaning we attribute to the vision; values embedded in the vision; dreams – image and picture; define the change or dream; core values do not change; replicate the happy feeling Leader member exchange, authentic leader exchange – influence leader and followers Bandora – tri-person transformative moments Setting the Tone – communicating your core values - Leaders set the tone in productive ways, helping group members perform at their highest levels of excellence - Provide structure and boundaries for followers so that they can work together Components of Setting the Tone 1. Provide structure - Providing structure give people a sense of security, direction & stability - They know where they “fit in” - They have an “architectural drawing” that gives form and meaning to their activities - Group work without structure is more difficult for everyone involved - Allows you to find a focus in an organization - Org
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