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Human Rights and Equity Studies
HREQ 2010
Antonio Torres- Ruiz

November 11th 2013HREQ 2010 Lecture 9Format Of The Test December 2nd 700 900 pm no tutorialsTwo sectionsFirst Providing definitions of concepts provided with 810 concepts then choose 45 concepts to define and what is the relevance of that concept how does it relate to human rights and equity does not have to be exact can be modified no need for authorEssay Question 23 choices then choose 1 topic to write about Contentformat Thesis and arguments must be clear draw from readings and lectures The Cultural Argument Sally Engle Merrys Changing rights Changing cultureUniversalism vs Relativism in terms of culture can we simply expect other cultures to embrace the notion of human rights because its considered universalEthnocentric your culture is hierarchal to others believing other cultures are primitive or inferiorCulture The ideas customs and social behaviors of a particular people or society both tangible and intangible products specific to a certain history and also defined by a specific context expressed through different means language religion food clothingThe way we see the world the way we see ourselves in the world our identityHuman rights as we define them today were first articulated from the West European cultures in the USEvery culture changes therefore our culture is always changing as well evolution is not because of the West we have increasingly engaged in the expansion of our definition of human rightsWe have made a new concept of Human Rights because of political struggle people have claimed to be unequal in particular women an expansion of rightsWomen in almost all cultures had been traditionally marginalized and oppressed by men control power that has traditionally been in the hands of men patriarchyAll of these points have led to the expansion of Human Rights notion of changing rightsAny ideas values cannot be articulated unless it is done in a culture as cultures evolve those same cultures produce ideas that end up being defined or associated as Human
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