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HUMA 1770
Rebecca Jubis

June 12, 2013 Democracy began in 2,500 years ago in Athenian era. Women were excluded, uneducated people could be politicians, and large populations were slaves. Plato argued democracy ultimately leads to one person is leading. Majority rules and minority rights brought up Athenian rulers. Majority was poor, were people who didn’t have property, were not among elite and that was a downfall for Athenian democracy. 1. Athenian Democracy: the Rule of the Mob? Ultimately in democracy poor rule and poor should not rule, government should be lead to elite, who did not work for living and it was Athenian democracy. This was the mob. Modern thinker says, you cannot have democracy, rule of the people have too much power, having them too much, minority should rule because they are rich, they are the people who should rule. 2. Athenian Democracy: Who’s in, who’s out? Social structure around 400 BCE, only 50-6000 out of 250,000 have the right to vote, females were not considered citizens. You have to be 30 in order to vote. Aristotle was not a citizen of Athenian because he was a mattic and he didn’t have the right to vote. Minority did the ruling. Slaves were captured from wars and turned into salves. Every society had slaves back th
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