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Krys Verrall

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The field trip to the Clara Thomas Archives and Special Collections at Scott Library helped gain a sense of reality of the time period in which we are learning about. During the visit we were given the opportunity to observe and handle published texts that were from the 1800’s such as, diaries, newspapers, poems, chap books, letters, pamphlets, legal documents and etc. This was very helpful as we were given a variety of different primary sources to help with our research. We were taught a variety of different things from how the texts were made, the types of texts and how they were differentiated. Creating published texts such as chapbooks, ballads and newspapers was a laborious process. Since there was no advanced technology many printed texts were hand pressed onto paper. Moreover, this type of printing wasn’t perfect as there were subtle alignment problems. Texts such as diaries and letters were usually hand written and handwriting during that time was extremely neat and appealing to the eye. Furthermore, there were different reasons and ways of how books were put together into its final product. People, who were below the average class, usually could not afford to nicely bind books. Instead all the papers would just be collected together, without a cover, similar to a leaflet. Many of the average class individuals would “cloth bind” the texts, which would at least help keep everything in place and protect the papers, so they could be kept for long periods o
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