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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1000
Safia/ Humara

KINE 1000 WINTER TERM LECTURE NOTESBody As a MachineMind body dualism effects how we think todayMindbody dualism concept is that it is two separate things Mind non physical immortal the self and important continues to live after your physical body is goneBody corporeal temporary a tool and superficial the atoms in your body recycle and you share your physical nature will continue to changeRene Descartes father of western philosophy introduced idea of mind body dualism he was a reductionist the way that you think you question everythingWaves of Doubt1st wave we cannot trust our sense 2nd wave of doubt it is difficult to experience dreams when we are asleep compared when your awake what if we are all dreaming3rd wave If we doubt god we have to doubt everything 4th wave Evil Geniusdemon your reality is created by an evil genius who is playing a trick on youHe created I think therefore I am the only way you can understand why you exist is when you contemplate whether your real so if you think then you must be real and exist you can then build your foundation for everythingDescartes felt that only humans have a soul and that animals dont and when you cut an animal it doesnt scream out in pain its response is due to a mechanical stimuli thus he studied and cut living animals and studied their mechanical responsesthe problem with the external world matrix everything around us is just singles giving us interpretations about what we should see the world and environment deceives usIn sport culture we put our body through physical conditioning to shape them to preform in a given way as a tool where coaches pick and trade athletesProsthetic limbs which connect to the body and nerve singles and wired into a persons brainin science we can rebuild the body and causes individuals apprehension for injury to go down Coaches pressure athletes to play through injury telling them to suck it up Body can be complete shut down but your mind can force someone to go through these difficult struggles and continue to push further Body as a Machine part 2 Mind and body are separate from one another and we hold one more valuable thanthe other body as tool to the mindfrom 17th century body becomes an object for machinery
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