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May 4 Teamwork 3 hr lecture. Team cohesion, MAPS, success.

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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 4520
Paul Dennis

KINE 4520May 4 2011TF SamplesHigh level cooperation and competition should neer include conflict and stress FALSEWill NOT be TF from tablesor P179 there are 18 tips for effective coaching Teamwork480BC Spartans first example of cohesive team they survived even though competition looked like it would wipe them out Cohesion became popularized from this Ivan ArreguinToft analyzed every war fought in the past 200 years This social scientist looked at where one side was 10X more powerful than the other they won 715 of the time So the underdog won almost one third of the time He concluded when you substitute effort for ability as a cohesive group than have a change This is formula for success in all forms of human endeavourprof doesnt like when analogies are drawn between war and sport Evolution of a TeamA collection of individualsmanage weaknesses so do not become Identity forms through p173 A shared sense of purpose structured patterns of behaviour interaction communication eg badgersworked as a team to scare alligator away whereas 1000s of elk tried to outrun and not be as slow as the one beside them It occurs in humans in sport when coach allows it toTeam chemistryanother word for cohesion We lost bca lack of chemistry and cohesionhead coach Pat Quinn CBC sports interview about mens 2006 Olympic Team Perhaps not enough time spent on psychological conditioning France soccer team stuck together and remained united against the coachis that an example of team cohesion So they worked collectively towards a specific objectivewas there objective not to win the game thoughsome of the best teams of all time 92 US mens bball teamhad great members but only 5 on court at time so had to be supported when off the floor Michael Jordan Larry Byrd Tennis player Medel constitute a team Canadian womens hockey team in the last olympics 72 Dolphins 1972 Cdn Hockey teamthey were booed off the ice in Montreal and Toronto University of Buffalo 1958 Conference Championswhy a university teamthey were invited to play at the tangerine bowl after winning the championship and they get money for just competing African Americans were not allowed to play in the tangerine bowl It had two African American players and unanimously the whole team voted not to go Hockey part of Cdn identity
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