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For LGBT Workers Being Out Brings AdvantagesCorporations created more welcoming environment for homosexuals Closeted workers suffer anxiety about how others judge them conceal their orientationThese workers do not engage in collegial banter that promotes importance of workplace bondHiding identity causes stress and exhaustion companies can pitch themselves to gayoriented mediaCreating hospitable climate for all workers is key goal for managers Those with more progressive attitude toward LGBT demographic have better chance of profitabilityhttphbrorg201107forlgbtworkersbeingoutbringsadvantagesar1Of companies and closets Being gayfriendly is cheap and good for businessCorporations now ban discrimination on basis of sexual orientationChanging attitudes in society have reduced cost of being gayfriendly and raised rewardsCloseted homosexuals find it harder to build connections with colleagues watch what you say and how you say it httpwwweconomistcomnode21547222Canadas Best Diversity Employershttpwwwtheglobeandmailcomreportonbusinesscareerstopemployerscanadasbestdiversityemployersfor2012article2344657We Live our FramesFrames become integral part of our identityThey can blind us to new possibilities and restrict our thinking Successful people find new frames and change identity Ending the Cold War president Regan intent on strengthening own political position and undermined GorbachevGorbachev had to find way of gaining US support to reduce economic burden of arms race and develop economyGorbachev reframed and removed USSR as an enemy to gain Powells support
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