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MODR 1760

Is justice fairness? Justice Fairness Model Cases A person who is guilty of The distribution of wealth is (Yes) multiple murder charges progressive therefore the rich are was given the maximum taxed at higher rates and the poor appropriate sentencing. are taxed at lower rates. (Taking from the rich and giving to the poor) Contrary Cases A person drove through a A person boarded a public transit (Yes) red light and was caught by bus through the back door and the red light camera and rode the bus without paying their received a ticket in the mail, required fare cost. he/she decided to fight it in court and when they did, they were not punished for it. Borderline Cases A teenager got caught Women took steroids for her (No) stealing a $1,000 bike and match in the swimming was only fined $50 for his competition, so she got act of shoplifting disqualified. Invented Cases No one ever cheated on Two man from two different (Yes) tests. ethnic groups got charged with drug trafficking and both received the same sentence regardless of race or ethnicity Related Cases A teacher who grades every student deservingly according to (Yes) their grade performance and does not fabricate the marks of some students to be higher due to any bias intention. Social Context An Olympic athlete is drawn out of the competition due to the (Yes) suspicion of consuming performance enhancing substances where officials later realized this assumption was false and presented the athlete with a plaque of participation as a form of apology for stripping the athlete’s chances to a win a metal. Underlying Anxieties Someone that is worried about how justice and fairness are not (No) appropriately upheld in workplaces because there continues to be employment issues. Practical Results An affirmative answer to our question would be, All justice is (Yes and No) fairness. A negative answer to our question would be, Justice is not fairness. An affirmative and negative answer to our question would be, Some justice is fairness and some justice is not fairness. Results in Language No’s = 2 Yes’s = 5 Yes and No’s = 1 For the most part, justice is fairness but some justice has nothing to do with fairness and some fairness has nothing to do with justice. However, sometimes justice is fairness but to certain extent and not to others. Criteria of justice and Giving to each it’s due Playing by the rules or at a leveled fairness depending on the subject at playing field of the actions hand whether it’s concerned. distributive or retributive. Is justice and fairness one half of the other? Do
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