MODR 1760 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Genetic Fallacy, Begging, False Dilemma

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1. I will not commit this act because it is unjust. I know it is unjust because my conscience tells me so,
and my conscience tells me so because the act is unjust. (Begging the question).
9. You’re not going to wear a wedding ring, are you? Don’t you know that wedding rings originally
symbolized the ankle chains worn by women to prevent them from running away from their husbands? I
wouldn’t have thought you would be party to such a sexist practice. (Genetic fallacy)
13. You are not going to believe that are you? Consider the source: Fox News! It can’t be true. (Genetic
12. It is wrong to kill innocent human beings. Fetuses are innocent human beings. Therefore, it is wrong
to kill fetuses.
15. You want my opinion of the new proposal for increased bus service? It’s just another proposal by a
mayor with few ideas to try to establish some pretext for reelection. Like all politicians, he will promise
us anything to get re-elected, and then he won’t deliver. (Red hearing)
8. Carl Sagan, an astronomer who researched global warming on Venus and has investigated the effects
of global warming on the earth, has claimed that unless we limit automobiles and industry, human life,
as we know will be seriously threatened by 2030. Although other experts disagree, we need to consider
Sagan’s arguments. (No fallacy)
9. Ten milligrams of substance Z was fed to four mice and within two minutes all four went into shock
and died. Probably substance Z, in this amount, is fatal to the average mouse. (Generalization)
10. If we change the definition of marriage to allow gays to marry, then there will be nothing to prevent
allowing polygamy, incest or bestiality. And allowing those would destroy our society. We cannot allow
gay marriage. (Slippery slope)
11. I see nothing morally wrong with paying bribes to elected officials in other countries to obtain
business favors. That is the way business is done in many parts of the world. (Fallacy of common factor)
12. Either modern science can explain how mother was cured, or it is a miracle. And science can’t
explain it. And, if it is a miracle, there is proof for the existence of god. So, god exists. (False dichotomy)
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