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Lecture 5

NATS 1505 Lecture 5: Lecture 5 NATS 1505

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Natural Science
NATS 1505
Dr.Vera Pavri

Lecture 5 ICTS enable us to access more information than we possibly could before Gatekeeper analogy; acknowledge change in roles. Everybody is now a gatekeeper of their own information. No need to rely on central authority for access or availability Assessing credibility of the info received: The biggest challenges we have is to figure out what information is realfake or what information we can believe in. Technology has played a huge role in shifting who the gatekeepers of info are in the world today. Cognitive cues are used every time we go online which cues a cognitive heuristic Idea that info credibility is based on authority figures (experts, govt official, parents, etc) serving as gatekeepers of info because they often had access to info that an average person did not have access to. Reputation heuristic may be misused because content isnt always taken account for, but more so relies on reputation itself for credibility. Sources thought to be credible may not always be as credible BandwagonEndorsement heuristic: A mental cue; interesting way to seek credibility. following the crowd approach Especially common with purchases made online for eg. Recommendations of peoplefamilyfriends Most of the time, credibility is assessed based on other peoplemainly strangers online. (product reviews, good ratings) Agreement heuristic subconscious bias Star ratings increases opportunities to spend Contrary to popular belief is not necessarily seen as good thing. More choices, hence more likely to have difficulties in making choices. Reviews etc may not depict reality for eg. Companies pay for fake reviews etc to influence purchases Mental shortcut to avoid fatigue and become overwhelmed with information online Consistency Heuristic:
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