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Natural Science
NATS 1670
Motti Anafi

Diversity of Viruses • Viruses are highly diverse in overall morphology and in the nature of their genetic material. o Different structure and size o Different method of replication o Host range The Virus Particle o Nucleic acid genome: o DNA or RNA o Protein coat (capsid) o Protection, entry into the cell Viruses can be either: o Enclosed by just a shell of protein called a capsid (nonenveloped) o Or enclosed by both a capsid and a membrane-like envelope (enveloped) o On the outside: contains protein important for attachment to the host cells Viral Genome o RNA or DNA o Segmented or non-segmented Viral Replication Variation in Replication Cycles Lysogenic Growth Cycle o Viral genes are incorporated into the host’s chromosome and are transmitted to the host’s daughter cells. Lytic Replication Cycle o Viral particles are made and released from the cell, usually resulting in the death of the host. o Lytic replication results in a new generation of virus particles and
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