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Natural Science
NATS 1670
Motti Anafi

Do Hiv person need to remain on HAART lifelong?: Yes. Residual replication of HIV , even on haart. If people stop taking the virus will comeback, it never leaves the body. Log lived virus reservoirs. Truvada prevents HIV infection: a drug that treats people who arent hiv positive but they have a chance to be exposed to this virus. The first pill to prevent hiv, not a treatment a prevention. Example: partners of HIV people. Hiv- Entry into the cell: Enters like other virus, it need a receptor o - Helper t(CD4+) cells are major target for HIV o -gp120 bind to cd4 o -however such a binding by itself isnt enough for the virus to enter the cell o chemokine receptor ccr5 is necessary co-receptors along with cd4 Receptor mutations and hiv infection: 25% of long term hiv survivors (carriers for long time without full AIDS) have a specific ccr5 mutation.. In the middle ages there was a plant that killed a third of Europe's population. People who had this mutation they were protected from this plant, it was a completely different virus though. HIV and immune system: It is suppression of acquired immunity, in unique situations in can cause dementia (when virus infects brain). Only bad thing you can say about HIV is that it is stopping and reducing the activity of the acquired immunity, which is enough to cause a lot of problems. Immunologic defects caused by hiv infection: hiv attacks helper T-cells, crippling the specific immunity, Decreases in helper t(cd4+)cells. D
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