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Lecture 3

Lecture Three: Science, Technology and Ideology During WWII and the Cold War

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Natural Science
NATS 1775
Vera Pavri

Lecture Three Science Technology and Ideology During WWII and the Cold WarJanuary 19 2012Science and IdeologyIdeologyDefinitiona collection of ideas behind a theory such as political economic or religious These are usually proposed by dominant members of the society to the remainder of the population It is a type of way of looking at things like a perspectiveThe Effects of Political IdeologyState uses of scienceTransforming science and ideas to conform with the political ideologies present at the timeForms of science deemed to be unacceptable are no longer practicedScientists and institutions that are unacceptable are expelled from the system and fired from their place of workAcceptable scientists and fields are recruited by the political regime at the time to help support and promote their ideologiesReward and PunishmentsResearch that will produce favorable results for the regime are supported and handsomely rewardedResearch that will produce results that go against the regime or any of its ideas will be punished and quickly brought to an endEffects on the direction of scienceScientists will only conduct research that will bring them the most rewards and help them to keep their jobs therefore whatever supports the regimeDirection of science is dictated by the ideologies of the government and people of power at that timeScientists do not conduct objective research or research that comes without a certain value to them This type of science is believed to be pointless and uselessNazi ScienceWas Nazi Science Good ScienceThere were four main groups that had different views as to whether or not Nazi sciences were good or useful
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