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York University
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NATS 1860
Keith Schneider

NATS 1860 Note #1 The history of Neuroscience: - Phineas Gage: he pounded on a railway, causing an explosion, and his rod went through his head. He was still alive, but the accident caused a change in personality - What part of the brain was affected? Maybe that part of the brain was affected? - Stone age brain surgery: there was medical treatment, creating a hole in the skull: why would somebody want to do this: there were special instruments created to make holes in the skull. How long ago did this practice start? - Schematic of the eyes and the brain. Attempt to describe how vision might work. It involved a pathway from the eyes, and how it goes into the head, written in Arabic script. - Reading: how different cultures contributed to the interaction over the world in the collection of neuroscience? Greeks, Islamic empire, - Giovanni Galvani, in the 19 century to show that there is a muscular reaction to electricity. It was excessively studied in the end of 18 for its properties: it could cause a muscular contraction of the frog’s legs. First emersion of the idea that there is an electrical fluid powers the muscle - Nerve cells: Dendroid and Axons. We need to have the ability to take the tissue, preserve it and sli
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