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Lecture 5

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York University
PHIL 1100
David Stamos

Lecture 5 Judaism and the Meaning of Life – Emil L. Fackenheim  1965  Captured by Nazis, escaped, and avoided the Holocaust.  Became a Rabi, then PhD in Philosophy in UFT.  Judaism rejects Deism (believes creator does not govern the world, lets it run its course).  God of Judaism is not just a person but a interactive person (is a personal relationship).  Mysticism, God is beyond human comprehension.  Encounter with God to give life meaning.  Dialectic Ingenious  “If God commands, humans are obedient.”  It’s the meaning of life, humans have to be obedient.  Idea of a contract between God & people (Covent)  “He binds himself & binds himself ...” (in reading)  Partnership is NOT equal.  Humans are the one that breaks the contract.  “Because God’s patient is absolute.”  Human sin, “Cause God to punish Israel ... Divine love made the covenant indistinctive.” (in reading)  Parental analogy (claims that our relationship with God is like parent and child) {possibly an essay topic}  Problem, many religions employ the parental analogy. (problem one)  Philosophers are like explorers. Albert Einstein, a Jew, did not subscribe to his religion.  Personal God (you can interact with).  He says it’s a childish concept  There are good, bad and in-between parents (problem two) Lecture 5 The Meaning of Life According to Christianity – Philp L. Quinn  1997  American Philosopher died in 2004  Positivism, movement from Philosophers in Europe.  Philosoph
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