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PHIL 1100
David Stamos

Nozick Provides a joke on the meaning of life, using a joke as a defense mechanism American traveller seeks the meaning of life out east – India Meaning of life from the holy man: Life is a fountain, American gets angry and the holy man says it can’t be a fountain as a joke Joke: there is no simple answer to the question of the meaning of life This question requires extensive analysis according to Nozick, cannot be a one line answer This question is so big, you should not confine to philosophical analysis only Difference sense and kinds of meaning - different meanings of the word “meaning” 1. External causal relationship Causal Antecedent: what comes before (parents) – Causal Concomitant: what goes with it (humanà blood type) – Causal Consequent – what comes after 2. External referential/ semantic meaning synonymy (two peoples life means the same thing) reference, symbolism – detecting symbolism in our life We can stipulate different meanings with words, lives – gets ridiculous – We can make our lives
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