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Irreality of the Self and Consequences of Action

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PHIL 1100
Shyam Ranganathan

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Lecture 4: - real things are not made, they’re timeless - Individual over time - Lead by desire - Uncareful with language - We use language to talk about the world, the usefulness of language does not rely on its representational function but to fulfil our interpretations - Is it useful or does it represent things the way they are - Buddha tried to overcome suffering - When you do something, you infringe on someones space - Must try to learn how not to act - meditating - Dependent origination - CENTRAL TEACHING - No primary explanations, instead is an effect of a prior explanation - Everything in reality is an effect of something - Buddha didnt deny gods but theyre effects of something else...gods are like us (functions of causes and circumstances that are not in our control) - The philosophy is the middle path - If something is real, its an effect of something else - Nothing eternal about your individuality - Must meet pragmatic expectations of what a chariot does - Even if things start falling apart and deteriorating, we still call it a chariot - There is no thing that is a thing without separating its functions - No enduring entity that survives death - Death of the body isnt the end of the story - Psychological incoherence stays the same as your body grows and dies - Death is not an absolute end - Existence past our death isnt a good thing, reaction of our desires - When we operate by desire, we are a subjective - Major disappointment and failure when we think world should revolve around us - The world makes consideration for everyone - Cause connection between our life now, psychological and life in the future - What drives this is not a good thing bc not enlightened perspective but an outcome of our desires - ***dont want to be reborn because what to reach enlightenment - Psychological inheritance -
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