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Meaning and People :

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PHIL 1100
Shyam Ranganathan

Lecture 9: - gordon - beauty is not accidental as it wouldn't be considered meaningful - Has to be intentional - If the world is meaningful, it is meaningful because its like art - Doesnt have to be good - cooper - Can be true to us, but not to all - Doesnt like the two truths - Outside boundary is necessary in comparison to what we think is important - When we can articulate what we think is important to us, we have already divided the world into 2 parts & the outside must not ruin, but support our subjective views inside - Outside is the compliment - There are boundaries to the meaningful of our life & boundaries are gracious & mysterious - Tutorial - Lats zoo - Language is fictions - Patriarchal - draws fem vs masc and masc is greater - What we need for a functioning society --- u must follow norm for own title - Linguistic essentialism-when we use our words, they latch onto society in a certain way - Linguistic conventionalism - - Realism ( our talk and distinction between outside world) realism antirealism Linguistic Confucius Idealism essentialism There really is an objective Not really a world out there matter out there, that our independent of the way we talk language attaches onto and think Linguistic Taoism There is no such thing as conventionalism Language is just conventional feminism and masculine We invented our words Most L.C There really is a world out We decide as a society there, but our language doesnt No reality out there beyond what latch on any special way we take our language to be, we We just invented a language to decide what its gonna be describe it The world is already carved up - First part of taoism ^^ - view about the way that things are and the way they should be - Second part: naturalism- act spontaneously, natural is real (i.e. Language is f
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