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Contemporary Crisis of Ideologies - typed notes from lecture. nothings missing.!!

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Political Science
POLS 1000
Martin Breaugh

All 3 major ideologies social forces behind these ideologies are in brackets liberalism bourgeois conservatism nobles and thsocialism social class were all invented in the 19 Century and thborn of social forces that coellless that come to be in the 19 C This ideological perspective was born in another time another erathFirst half of the 19 C is characterized by a very intense form of ideologythThe 20 C will ofc witness different attempts to translate at least partial ideologies into reality but as of 1950 there will not be a coherent ideology as a development or even a lasting one Oddly enough the creativity of ideological thinking will stop tharound 1950 and the 20 C could not do without ideologies the struggles for these ideologies were extremely fierce throughout the th20 C argue that the completion and the struggles between the 3 major ideologies are still alive today These ideological controversies will not seekTechnological changes alone will justify the adjustment of new ideologies
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