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Lecture 16

Lecture 16 - Conservatism

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York University
Political Science
POLS 1000
Martin Breaugh

Lecture 16Did people actually believe in their ideology Conservative IdeologyAristocrats and merchants actually have a sincere belief of their ideologiesIdeologies will act as secular religionsEffects of liberalism o Liberalism will transform social landscape displace certain social forces o Liberalism will create and generate new social forces o Liberalism will create modern working classth 2 specific antiliberal ideologies will emerge in the 19 century conservatism and socialismBoth will attempt to put in question the hegemony of the liberal liberal thought and practicesConservatism Liberalisms oldest and most lasting adversaryconservatismConservatism is a complex ideology cannot be reduced to 2 misconceptions dont like change and nostalgic want to return to the good old days 11 fundamental principles 1 For conservatives the meaning of the universe is given it is not constructed by human beings a Universe is the physical and human world b The direction of which the universe is going predetermined c The given meaning and predetermined movement must be developed and realized naturally overtimed Its important not to interfere with the meaning and movemente The meaning of universe predates the existence of human f Because of above human cannot confer the meaning of the world g Because of this the universe is a product of a superior being or God h Indeed conservatives are only vary rarely Atheist i Conservatives this superior being disposes transcendental reason beyond reason j Wecannot have full access to this reason we cannot fully understand it and cannot put it into question k Humans are to accept this transcendental reason l Meaning and direction of the universe remains for most part a mystery 2Human nature is part of this universal order a Human nature is fundamentally good b Human nature contains a principle of goodc But this principle of good is in a constant struggle with a negative principle sin passion vice this negative principle can corrupt our natural goodness d Manifestation of negative principles is also contained within us e Human being is always contained in a locus of struggle between the 2 principles
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