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Lecture 19

Lecture 19

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Political Science
POLS 1000
Martin Breaugh

Crisis of Ideologies ththst Using ideas developed in the 19 century to explain things in 20 and 21 century New forces should compel us to new ideologiesThere have been developments that changed political landscape but ideologies have remained pretty much the same1 fragmented nature of the ruling class tho A lot less homogenous than it was in 19 century2 Can also be found in what used to be known as working class o Division is stronger 3 Development of new social groups o Womens group multicultural groups o Put into question the fundamental assumptions of ideology4 Creation of a truly inclusive middleclass o Social and political imaginary o Resistance to change o Social inertia and status quo there is no point in bringing social change o Silent majority backbone of the countryPolitical apathy of middleclass Pierre ManentA World Beyond Politics impartial reading of our current situation o Impartial seeks to be fair to all of the positions that are available for our understanding To be fair with those positions that he is disagreeing witho Its a difficult book Seeks to be just and fairo Use philosophy history and political science o Language of nuance Manent is offering an analysisManent begins his quote from French poet Where am IScience and liberty represents the double foundations of our lifeManent asks What is it that holds authority for uso By us Manent is referring to citizens of western democracy o Manent seeks to understand the elements that will remain important for us despite the complexity of contemporary life To be without bearings we dont know where we are heading where society is headingWhat is authority o Auctor in Latin means author or founder o Augere means to increase or augmento Something that is foundational and important which must be augmented o Authority cannot survive without it being augmentedo Something that holds authority for us must be augmented o Eg parents have authority they are authorsfounders for us
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