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Lecture 24 - The Nazi Mystery (very detailed) and Course Conclusion

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Political Science
POLS 1000
Martin Breaugh

Nazis Synthesize the major aspects Examination of democracy ideology and analysis of contemporary political problemslinkIs there a Nazi mystery What occurred in a stark example of a political phenomenon known as the corruption of a regime and a corruption of the body politic French philosopher Raymond Arongoes to the heart of the problem Manent will cite on pg 161 Why and understand what circumstances did a highly civilized nation surround itself around a demagogue like Hitler and go down the path of suicideWhat was like in Germany from the 1900 to 1930s Germany was a showcase of culture and cutting edge thought German public education was considered the best to be in Europe at the time The cultural innovation and level of sophisticated thinking was obvious in many different realmsArt New objectivity Music in most original expressions Best film directors Berlin was rival to Hollywood at the timethth20 century is dominated by German thinkers 2 of the most important philosophers in 20 century is GermanOverall understanding remains elusive Nothing occur at the time produce any good German Army before Hitler has a long standing tradition of war and honour This tradition should have stopped Hitler from antimilitary actions But the Army did not disobeythWe have to known as the founding moment of the 20 centuryWWI 19141918 Germany lost WWI but on a more subjective level Germany remain unconquered or even victorious after WWI If it werent American Intervention Germans would have won they came very close to winningIn addition German military leadership felt stabbed in the back when political leadership signed the Treaty of Versailles They felt that the politicians should not have signed Versailles and Versailles came to be the object of popular resentment in Germany
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