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Lecture 8

Lecture 8 - Renaissance (Florence v. Venice) and Democratic Revolutions part 2

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Political Science
POLS 1000
Martin Breaugh

Lecture 8 November 8 2010Last Week o Opposition between 2 city republics Florence and Venice o Mechanism created to offset conflicts o Florence stratified society sortition scrutiny rotation o Venice election 5 or 6 families consistently reelected o English revolution of 1640 o Elements contained in 3 major revolutions of modern times o English revolution of 1640New Model Army divided grandees levellers o Putney debate key question of legitimacy what will make government not only legal but also legitimate o CONSENT triumph of election over lottery o Cannot give the right to vote to allchaos anarchy danger o Only those with a fixed interest should have the right to vote American Revolution 1776 American declaration of independence birth of USA1775 13 colonies declared war against Great BritainAmerican war of independence 17751783 With decisive help of France American colonies will manage to defeat BritainTreaty of Paris 1783 recognize America as a nationBritish policy of taxing the 13 colonies to pay for 7 years against France met with great resistance within American coloniesContrary to contemporary wasnt upset of principle of paying taxes o Pay taxes to place where they have no representation no voice st No taxation without representation was the rallying cry of 1 American revolutionaries political legitimacy rest on consent o Express the sentiment that it was illegitimate to raise taxes of people who were denied access to political process13 colonies will engaged in many acts of civil disobedience o Boycott British goods refuse to sell taxation stamps disobey nonviolent direct action o To express illegitimacy of British rule o Acts of disobedience is part of democratic experienceBoston Tea Party 1773 resistance to British imperial rule o British decided to tax tea and other essential goods small group of American rebels dumped all the tea in Boston harbour
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