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Lecture 4

POLS 1000 Lecture 4: Democracy (ancient and modern)

Political Science
Course Code
POLS 1000
Martin Breaugh

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Democracy; Ancient and Modern Con’t
(week 4 Oct. 4)
best example for first democracy
POLIS: community
o The polis and democratic incarnation will be more than a political community,
rather it is a way of life
o Based on a quest for excellence in all things (ex. Philosophy, politics)
o Rests on the balance between citizens and community
Citizens will express their identity through political participation and
therefore shape the community
In turn, the community will become the collective expression of the
identity of each citizen
Democracy is more a way of life rather than a set of institutions
Democratic life: we are free to elect leaders and representatives
o Has political consequences/implications must be aware of these before we
make these decisions
o Choice that indicate who you are and what kind of community you want to life in
(your morals/values)
Athens: aristocratic democratic
o Forced to become democratic merchants + peasants demanding for political
o Created conflict within polis which can lead to civil war the worst thing ever
o Athenians were forced to become creative to avoid civil war and preserve
Created two new types of politicians: Legislator & Tyrant (statesman,
working selflessly for the common good)
Guardians of law = aristocratic families
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