Contemporary Crisis of Ideologies - typed notes from lecture. nothings missing.!!

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16 Oct 2011

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All 3 major ideologies: social forces behind these ideologies are
in brackets: (liberalism (bourgeois), conservatism (nobles) and
socialism (social class)) were all invented in the 19th Century and
born of social forces that coellless that come to be in the 19th C.
This ideological perspective was born in another time, another
First half of the 19th C is characterized by a very intense form of
The 20th C will ofc witness different attempts to translate at least
partial ideologies into reality but as of 1950 there will not be a
coherent ideology as a development or even a lasting one
Oddly enough the creativity of ideological thinking will stop
around 1950 and the 20th C could not do without ideologies the
struggles for these ideologies were extremely fierce throughout the
20th C. argue that the completion and the struggles between the 3
major ideologies are still alive today
These ideological controversies will not seek
Technological changes alone will justify the adjustment of new
But there hasn’t been a development of new ideologies and
there are other developments that can also change our perspective
on things and change our ideological make up
Our perspectives on politics are based on assumptions 2
centuries ago
Liberalism, Conservatism and Socialism where all created or
articulated in the 19th century.
They are all the product of situations born in the 19th century.
These were all born prior to most of the technologies we use
each day.
From 1800 to 1850 is characterized by
The creativity of ideological thinking seems to stop around 1950
and has not picked up since.
Throughout the 20th century the struggle between ideologies was
fierce even up to today.
The technological advancements alone justify a development of
new ideologies as well as decolonization, the development of the
state the extension of political rights, globalization, and the creation
of super nations like the EU.
Our ideological thinking is in crisis as we are still use ideologies
that were developed 2 centuries ago.
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