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Lecture 12

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PSYC 1010
Jill Bee Rich

Lecture 12 Different Memory Systems  Procedural memory o Goes by what we do, i.e. typing  Declarative Memory o Semantic Memory  Involves the memory for general information and for things that we have over- learned. These memories are not linked with a particular time etc.  Implicit memories – incidental memories o Episodic Memory  Memory for specific events and these are usually unique rather than repeated ones.  Explicit memories – trying intentionally to memorize something Recall  Inability to recall from long term memory o The info never made it to LTM (pseudo-forgetting) o Infor is available but not accessible  Why is info not accessible? o Encoding specificity principle or concept dependent formation  Questions don’t match during retrieval and encoding  Using an inappropriate search strategy Interference  More complex the information in the retention interval makes things more difficult to recall  Retroactive interference o Where new information interferes with the recall of older, previously
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