PSYC 1010 Lecture Notes - Iconic Memory, Echoic Memory, Long-Term Memory

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Published on 8 Feb 2013
Getting information in[ENCODING]
Keeping it there [STORAGE]
Getting it back out when needed [RETRIEVAL]
Sensory register( Information is coming at you through one of your sensory modalities)->
short-term store( transfers to short term memory that you are paying attention too)-> long-
term store(has to pass through short-term stage before long-term, bring it back into
Atkinston & Shiffrin (1968) Model of Memory
Studied first by tachistosope
Array of letters and digits to Ss on the t-scope for brief durations
Typical paradigm
Iconic memory-visual sensory memory
Echoic memory
Approximately 250 msec-2sec
Capacity ???
View the display for 1/20 seconds
I remembered 4 letters from the first flash
Average~4.5 items (37%)
Level of accuracy remained the same whether exposure was 5 ms or 500 ms
Report only one row
Signaled which row to be reported after presentation
Average=3/4 items correct (76%)
Conclude: Great deal of sensory info is available in iconic memory
This tells us that there's a lot of info available in this iconic memory, but when doing the
full report method, not able to report is
Iconic Memory-Summary
Lasts about 250 or 300 ms
Only about 4 items can be reported, but actual capacity is larger
Takes time to report what you saw, as you're reporting-what you initially saw is fading
Info is erased or overwritten FPWIK
Capacity ???
Short-term Memory
Digit span demo-9754 6419 68259 37148 913825 648327 5963827 5316842
Magical number of 7 +/- 2 items
Duration-lasts about 20-30 seconds, time held into mind
Increasing STM Duration
Maintenance rehearsal-(keep on saying it)
Elaborative rehearsal-(attempt to relate info to personal or meaningful material)
Rehearsal can sometimes can throw you off
JPDCZEVBG(easier) vs. XKDLWFZJE(more difficult)
Acoustic confusions
Sensory Register
Chapter 7-Memory
8:22 PM
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