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Lecture 8

PSYC 1010 Lecture 8: Memory

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PSYC 1010
Gerry Goldberg

Memory: chapter 8 Review Answers 1. Short-term memory holds the information we are conscious of, it consciously processes codes and “ works” on information. The limitations of short-term memory are that you can only hold so much information at a time, therefore a small capacity and also a short duration of time. We can use techniques like chunking to break up big words making them simpler, or using a rehearsal technique such as saying something to yourself over and over again. 2. The serial position effect is when someone is asked to memorize a long line of numbers, letters, or words and everyone is able to recall the first and last item in the line creating a U-shaped graph/pattern. The primacy effect reflects the superior recall of early words. The recency effect is the superior recall of the most recent words. 3. The concept of depth of processing means that the more deeply we process information, the better it will be remembered. Semantic encoding involves the deepest processing because we have to understand and look at the meaning of the word or information shown. So this may take time and effort to comprehend and make sense of. 4. Hierarchies- Memory is enhanced by associations between concepts. This can enhance memory by using a cue to help you remember other words that somehow link to that first cue. Chunking- combining individual items into a larger unit of meaning. This enhances memory because you try to take the single items and make realistic words from them making it easier for your short term memory, then you can rehearse and then they will go into long term memory. Mnemonic Devices- Know as the “ art of improving memory”. This is any type of memory aid. Imagery- This is when you can draw a mental image in your mind of an item, landscape, or place to help you remember a specific moment. This enhances memory because this may bring back the time something happened where you can picture it then recall it. 5. A Schema is a mental framework, and organized pattern of thought about the world, class of people, events, situ
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