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Lecture 19

PSYC 1010 Lecture 19: Mar 1-3 - Lecture Notes - Psychological Disorders cont and Psychotherapy

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PSYC 1010
Rebecca Jubis

Mar 1 Lecture Notes PSYC1010B Causes of Mood Disorders Social Cognitive Perspective Explanatory Style – tend to be stable, global, and internal (and negative) Learned Helplessness – a cognitive-behavioural explanation of depression (more info: a subject is put into a situation where increased effort has no positive causing the subject to learn that Rumination – excessively reviewing negative thoughts over and over again Stressful experiences Cognitive and explanatory bchangesral style Depressed mood Schizophrenia (literal definition means: split mind) Not dissociative identity disorder (i.e. not multiple personality disorder) Disturbed thought Type of psychosis Symptoms Impaired attention Affective disturbance (e.g. flat affect – blunted emotions) Hallucinations (most common are auditory meaning hearing things, unlike in movies where they tend to depict visual hallucinations which are in fact less common) Thought disorder Derailment Word salad Neologisms Inappropriate Motor Behaviour (i.e. movement) Catatonia Delusions (i.e. false beliefs) Delusions of grandeur – you belief you are God or God-like Deterioration of adaptive behaviours Positive symptoms (***Very common mistake warning***: Positive means they are behavioural excesses NOT that they are “good”) Negative symptoms (***Very common mistake warning***: Negative means they are behavioural deficits NOT that they are “bad”) To recap: Positive symptom = present when it is typically absent (e.g. delusions) Negative symptom = absent where they are typically present (e.g. impaired attentions) Prognosis Acute or reactive (i.e. sudden onset) => tends to have better prognosis Chronic or Process (i.e. gradual onset) => tends to have wor
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