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Rebecca Jubis

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Lecture March 11th March1110210 PM Chapter 15 Treatment of Psychological DisordersThere will be a 3 part short answer question on therapies this whole lecture in the exam Freud is given credit to develop psychotherapy Any treatment in psychology is called psychotherapy Therapies fall in one of the following categories1Insight Therapy talk TherapyA lot of dialogue between therapist and the patientTo us it might look like they are talking normally Patient suddenly gains the knowledge of their problem while talking Sometimes therapist does a lot of work whereas sometimes the patient does the work and therapist takes the indirect way Behaviour Therapy2Any therapy that uses learning principles They are interested in overt behaviour not so much emotions Their goal is to treat the overt problems not emotional ones3Biomedical Therapyeg shock therapy ECTMost of the people who visit therapists are not clearlydiagnosed beforehand and the therapist is left withcompletely figuring out everything just based on the talking or other methods they have available Men are less likely to get help Eclectic therapy using a mixture of therapies from different disorders to treat a patientUnless the patient is motivated and is willing as well as they acknowledge that they have the problem it is not possible to treat Behaviour Therapy Some basic assumptions of behaviour therapyiMaladaptive behaviours are acquired through faulty learning and behaviour therapy attempts to help the patient unlearn that behaviour iiYou dont need to find the underlining cause just treat the symptom eg someone having phobia of dogs Behaviour therapist doesnt care how the patient got it all they care about is curing the phobiaThere are several types of behavioural therapiesSystematic Desensitization Wolpe 1958First alternative to the traditional insight therapy ProcedureSet up an anxiety hierarchyTherapist can do this along with the patient or tell them to do it over the weekendeg someone with fear of snakes Patient is asked Think of some situation when a snake wont cause anxiety The patient says when I read kids story books snakes in there dont bother me this will be the first item in the hierarchy Something like forcing a snake down their throat would be the last item on the top of the hierarchy Train the patient to relax
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