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PSYC 2030 Lecture Notes - Panchatantra, Babur, Microsoft Powerpoint

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PSYC 2030
Rebecca Jubis

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Guidelines for Writing an Essay
Foundation Course: HUMA 2440 – India, Life, Culture & the Arts
Organization of Essay
Title Page
The title of your essay should be informative and interesting.
Include on title page: Title of paper (centered)
Your name and student number
Lower right-hand corner include:
Assignment: Essay #1 or first/second term essay
Number of essay topic you are answering
Course title and number (India: Life, Culture and
the Arts, HUMA2440)
Tutorial number or time and tutorial leader
Body of Essay
Introduction: Your introduction should be directly relevant to the specific essay
topic. Don’t repeat the question and avoid vague and meaningless
generalizations that contribute little to your essay. (ex.: India is an ancient and
mysterious land. All women are oppressed in India.)
Of utmost importance in your introduction is your thesis statement: a clearly
defined sentence, indicating what argument or conclusion you are making in
relation to the essay topic, based on your sources/texts. If you are writing a short
story, of course, there would most likely not be a thesis statement!
Your thesis is a general statement that indicates the major conclusion(s) you have
reached after a thoughtful analysis of all your sources or texts, around a particular
theme or topic. This statement should be in the first paragraph of your
introduction; the main body will then explore, illustrate, argue for, or in some
sense “prove” your thesis.
Main text: This should consist of a series of concepts, themes, proofs, evidence,
comparisons or points that you wish to make and which are logically organized.
In other words, the main purpose of your paper is to explain, argue for or prove
your thesis stated in the introduction. From a careful examination of the literary
texts, you will have to demonstrate how and why you came to a particular
conclusion about a topic. It is important to give quotes from these texts in the
body of your essay to “prove” your points. In this way you can avoid vague
generalizations or statements which have little meaning and are not based in your
analysis of specific readings.
Some writing hints: There should be a transitional phrase or sentence leading
from one paragraph/section to the next. In general, there should be an
organizational flow in your essay so that the reader can easily follow your points,
evidence and conclusions. It is helpful in a longer essay to organize it into
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