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Lecture 3

Learning- Detailed notes from lecture THREE!!

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PSYC 2210
Anthony Nield

Lecture 3 January 17 2012Classical ConditioningTheories and ResearchChapters 4 and 5Conditioned stimulus cs unconditioned stimulus us conditioned response cr and unconditioned response urConditioning can cause a bad reaction and it can be used for a better emotional relaxation by reversing itKAMIN was escaped the US and went to the military and was always interested in strange interaction issues He decided he could measure fear by some on going behavior and could use it to see how much emotional can be used by the stimulus The procedure is called conditioned suppression the system is called CER conditioned emotional response and the measure was the suppression ratioConditioned suppression1 Bar press for food learning to bar press for food and to stable responses Rats bar press in their own pace You want them to have a stable rate 2 New Box moving into a new box which then contains a tone and a shock Where the tone comes on and they get a shock They become fear of the shock and conditioning happens where your creating fear something you dont want on the subjects 3 Back to Skinner box if you look over time you have them bar pressing like before and for a similar amount of time you add the toneSUPPRESSION RATIO the number of responses of B divided by the responses of AB Example if the make 20 responses for bar press and 20 responses for tone then in the suppression ratio you have 20 20 205 which means no fear If there is no responses you have 0 000 which is Maximum fear which isnt goodSUPPRESSION RATIO the number of responses of B divided by the responses of AB Fear will be shown as no responses so 0 and maximum fear will be shown 5this is suppression ratio Measuring the degree in which distracts the animal or person from the behavior they were doing CHUCK decided instead of giving them tones and shocks he would give them brain stimulating But KAMIN was more efficient and the tone produces pleasant responses then pain and fear This was not classical conditioning it was the measure of the effectiveness of classical conditioning We tend to think of accusations more complex things where the learning is more instantaneous SEZIGMAN there is something about this organism which means the learning will become very fast So prepared behavior and unprepared behavior and contra prepared behavior
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