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Lecture 4

Lecture 4 and 5

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York University
PSYC 3140
Gerry Goldberg

STRESSS - Stress - "A non specific response of the body to any demand, whether it is caused by, or results in, pleasant or unpleasant conditions" (Medical definition... Selye, 1926) - Signs: Constant worry, loss of appetite and eating more, physiological (fight or flight), cognitive, emotional Freuden: left europe and went to airport where he lived on the streets after being tormented by aunt.... abraham maslow was his mentor (making of hierarchy of needs). Become psychoanalyst after PHd and open free clinics for drug addicts. Psychologist assessment of cult-figure murderer charles manson. Group therapy for cameraman filming Spielbergs project which recorded Holocaust survivors. Invented the concept of burnout - the extinction of motivation or incentive, especially when one's devotion to a cause or relationship fails to produce desired results (Freudenberger). - Impatience - feel over-burdened, Inflexability - going by the book, Irritability - Feel pessimistic and overly critical, Compassion fatigue (certain type of fatigue for care-takers) SOURCE OF STRESS: - Life events (Holmes&Rahe, 1967) - Social Readjustment Rating Scale (9.2 in text), examined major life events and arbitrarily set the middle - 50- as marriage. Highest stress = death of a spouse and was correlated with illness. Daily hassles - Daily events which are things in everyday life / occupational stress. High stress = Exposure to dangerous work conditions, uncertainty about layoffs, middle management, nurse-neonatal intensive care (looking over ill infants). Low stress = University prof / clerical supervisor PERSONALITY FACTORS AND HEALTH: - Questionnaire, framingham heart study (longitudional design).... risk factors in cardio-vascular disease, type a personality, perfectionism. Coping: - Stress checklist - sense of control - conflict resolution - humour - hope - relaxation/mindfulness/meditation CASE STUDY: ROSETO (GLADWELL) - Dr.Stewart Wolfe - uni of oklahoma sociology study -Phenomenon: no one under 55 died from heart ATK -men over 65, half death of nation average and there was no suicide, alcoholism, drug addiction, or crime. -there was a sense of community (support socially) that made them healthy.. in some homes 3 generations living under 1 roof - This was because of church attendance, 22 civic organizations, reduced competitiveness, women worked in blouse factory while men in slate quarries, went to work together and after work sat on porches. SOMATIC SYMPTOM DISORDERS: -Previously Somatization disorders -recurring multiple somatic complaints with no known physical cause -most empirical (DSM 3) - least practical, in earlier versions of the DSM it listed 35 symptoms.. criteria for diagnosis was 13 out of 35 and this was revised for DSM 4. - 4 pain symptoms in different locations, 2 gastro-intestinal symptoms, 1 sexual/genital/reproductive symptoms, and last pseudo-neurological symptoms. -somatic symptom di
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