PSYC 3170 Lecture Notes - Connective Tissue, Truism, Occupational Medicine

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28 Jan 2013
Lecture 1
Jan 3rd, 2012
What is health?
- Health relates to biological stuff, psychological stuff, and social stuff
- Well-being = all those factors put together
- Bio-psycho-social model varies from culture to culture
o There are places in which the water is not so clean, which kills lots of children and causes lots of people
to have intestinal worms
- Status quo = accepted as it is; it is the nature for half of children age 8 to die
- Ex: Story of Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland
o People making hats started being weird; it was accepted
o People who made hats, inhaled mercury fumes and were getting mercury poisoning
o They would mix a sticky compound to stick the lining into the hat; the sticky stuff was mercury
o Dip their thumb into the compound containing mercury, and lick it; and stick it in again
- Ex: underground miners
o Miners suffer from lung disease: black lungs, lung cancer
- Shake the status quo, and say that’s not good enough
Evolution of Activism
- Who says, “its not good enough”? where’s the origin?
- We have an active role, as individual/community, it is not good enough, we want better
- Union
o Represented workers when times were not good
o Collected union dues to get better working conditions for the workers
o Used the money to do research to help understand how working might cause harms
- Consumerism
o Quality of life in general
o Food additives, cigarettes, pyjamas bought for children (fire spreads very quickly)
- Court awards
o Some community have gotten huge awards for polluting the water/land
o The giant sums of money, compensate people who got sick
- Technology
o Cant we invent safer cars?
- Public and workforce changes
o People are getting more educated, so they want better
o People who watch the news
- “Code of Hammurabi” = the code said “if you build a house and collapses and kills someone’s son, we get to kill
- Workers compensation = employers pay a premium to insure safety of employees
o Employees get hurt, get the compensation, promise not to sue the employers
o The premium would increase after an employee get hurt and receive compensation
o Since employers don’t want to increase premium, they make the working condition safer
- Inflation/increased costs
o In US with no health plan
- Medical research
o How cancer can be caused by exposure of different source
- Commercialized medicine
- Costs to society and individuals
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