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 Introduction to Health Psychology  The Changing Field of Health  Patterns of disease and death in the 21 century – Infectious versus chronic disease – Lifestyle trends  Escalating costs of medical care  What is health?  World Health Organization Definition of Health (1948) “A complete state of physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity.”  Changing Models of Health  The Biomedical Model  Still the dominant paradigm of the medical profession  Can be characterized as: – Reductionistic – Single-factor – Mechanistic  Evolving View of Diseases  Anatomical pathology – Disease is localized in anatomy (16 to 18 century)  Tissue pathology – Specific tissues could become diseased while others remain healthy (Late 1800s)  Cellular pathology – Life resides in cells, so cells must be the place to look for disease (19 century)  Germ theory – There are particles in the air that cannot seen (e.g., bacteria) and that can cause disease  The Biopsychosocial Model  The favoured paradigm of health psychology  Can be characterized as: – Multidimensional – A “general systems” model – Intuitive  The Biopsych
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