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Lecture 7

PSYC 3480 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Sex Segregation, Gender Pay Gap, Job Sharing

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PSYC 3480
Noreen Stuckless

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Lecture 7
November 8th, 2011
The Two-Person Career
- One of the partners has the job (ex: CEO, graduate student), the other partner supports that role
Women in the Paid Workplace
- Skills she had was based on what she was doing at her home
- Wage gap = 75-80% of what a man makes
- A lot of women do part-time work
- Full time job decreased; part time job increased (looked like things look better)
- Types = under 30 hours, work 2 days a week, job sharing (ex: kindergarten teacher), shift work
- Advantages
o Allows you to do other things
o Allows you to bring some money in, without committing to a full-time job
o Flexibility
- Disadvantages
o You don’t get benefits
o Don’t have guaranteed number of hours
o The pay is usually low
o Low job security
o Can be physically demanding
o Fairly rare to get promotions
Sex Segregation and Sex Stratification
- Jobs segregated by sex
- In the same job category, there are different levels of who get what jobs
- Family doctor, accountant, family lawyers = men/women are about equal
- Men’s jobs = leadership role, physical power
- Women’s job = nurturing, extension of the home
- Ex: type of items sold
o More expensive items (cars, furniture) are sold by men where commissions are higher
- Men are more assertive, have better condition, more privileged
- Specific jobs still having sex segregation
o Bus drivers (long distance) almost exclusively men
Stereotypically, women are weaker or not good drivers
Expected women to be home taking care of kids
Not safe for women to be doing this kind of job
Career Psychology
Psychological Factors
- Factors of the person (either it’s true or perceived)
Structural factors
- Factors inherent in the industry, that makes it difficult for women to advance
- Discriminatory practices:
- Mining Town only way to get good wages is to work in a mine
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