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Lecture 17

SOSC 1040 - Lecture 17 Notes

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Social Science
SOSC 1040
Claudio Colaguori

SOSC 1040 March 7, 2013 The Environment II Globalization Blues: Suzuki and Dressel • Previously humans existed with nature at a micro scale and now they dominate the planet as a “superspecies” • The transnational corporation as a new dominating force in human history • Who is at fault for the cycle of destruction – the individual or corporate industrial capitalism? It is more complex than one or the other. • Energy is being sold as a commodity so they don’t want you to conserve • For Suzuki it is about culture: values and attitudes about how we • Treat the earth. o Cultural values like blind faith in technology (and thinking we can change our problems with more technology) o Economic progress at any cost (it’s everyone’s business; dominant ideology that economic progress is good for everybody), o Consumerism and an “all for me” attitude (many would pick to buy something to compete with their friends instead of environmental products), o loss of indigenous traditional culture ways of knowing and doing that had a harmonious relation to nature…they knew that killing was destroying nature and would watch for their impact on the • The social construction of environmental problems: what issues get media attention and why? o Often ignored are: introduced/invasive species, pine beetles and warming, soil erosion, food, health and environment, chemicals and human health, corporate control of the gene pool of seeds (making certain countries grow certain foods that are more “nutritious” but take much more resources to grow and thus the people are poor , gmo products, water quality and pharmaceuticals in lakes and rivers etc (birth control pills, psychotics; affects the bhvr of wildlife and ppl; fish get stoned and don't swim in pools). o There are many lawsuits from communities against companies that o Waste of energy by corporate towers and products {lighting} • Will scientific & technological solutions work for our environmental problems? Or do we need a paradig
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