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Social Science
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SOSC 1130
Alina Marquez

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Undocumented Migration 1. Introduction a. The Impetus: Global Aparthied b. Canada's policy based on 3 areas: economic efficiency, individual self sufficiency and security i. In terms with economic efficiency: 1. Concerned with 2 types of labour: highly skilled and unskilled (guest labour) 2. Focus on investors ii. Concerns with security, basics to refugee policies c. Very few people are fitting into this model Canada has created: excluded response 2. "Illegal" Migration as a Problematic Concept a. Categories of Migrants: 7 categories  Legal- Legal: Normal migration: people who already have documents and remain in Canada with visa  Illegal-Legal: refers to work undocumented seeking official status, enter illegal but becomes legal - convert refugee claims  Legal-Illegal- refers to people that overstay, enter with proper documents (work, student or tourism visa) once the visa expires, will stay anyways  Illegal-Illegal Independent: include those who were undocumented enter their receiving country and stays that way - while planning migration, did it independently without help from any other organization  Legal-Legal Indentured - entering into the country legally but in debt to the organizations that helped them entered the state  Illegal -Illegal Indentured - under the control to someone else, enters the state illegally and stays that way, those whom were smuggled into the state  The term illegal undocumented migration - is too narrow and less aggressive because it's not associated with criminality  The discourse of undocumented migration: risk discourse - issue of security and preoccupation with the ideas of foreigners as being dangerous o From the dangers from the world wars to be faced with the dangerous of undocumented migrants from "terrorist" due to 9/11 and fascist individuals from China/Ski Lanka o Security risk shift over time, targets of social anxiety transition to different populations  Need to move away from the ideologies behind the dualism ideals behind documented vs. Undocumented migrants - need to note "precarious" migration Responses to Global Processes  Conditions in their home country that's unacceptable economically and political that they makes the choice to leave - ordinary people. We can call them refugees of the global economy  Using border terms - these are people that cannot make ends met due to globalization - needs to take a chance on somewhere esle a. Individual (Need) b. Profit driven (greed)  Smuggling of people - transnational crimes & operations regarding migration  Response of employers of the receiving countries - benefitting from the vulnerability of undocumented employees - gardeners, construction workers, domestic workers for cheap wages - exploitation of these populations even though contributed greatly to the economy  States i. Administrative vs. Adjudicative Approaches: Au
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