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SOSC 1910
Kerry Taylor

Topic: Patriarchy and paternalism coming together Vision  Think about having limited vision as in eyesight and legally blind and how there is more then one type of vision  Physical kind of vision and impairment are types of visions that a lot of us aren’t open to  The types of legal visions and limits on the visions are there to construct barriers to access faced by many people in society  Blindness brings about justice because the judges are not looking at characteristics that people may or may not have and it also perceives as everyone being the same and having the same goal to treat everyone like they are  It’s the visions through social and economic and political that these ideas of people can be disabling. Diane said  Compared to racism and sexism we have much further to go in beginning to acknowledge in systemic discrimination based on the disability and connection between racism and sexism since they are not obvious.  Racism and sexism is brought on by stereotypes of what some people can do or interested in doing and all of these are based on assumptions and expectations about norms and what is normal in society Disability in Canada  16 percent have disability and these issues have been potential to involve all citizens  we need to develop a more complete way of thinking and freedom of opportunity which involves saneness  we want to state that everyone is human and all people deserve integrity and dignity and equality and freedom but then we need to communicate a method of thinking by considering difference like people with disabilities are diverse and recognizing the layering effect Layering Effect  How people with disabilities can be subject with multi forms of discrimination and race and color and sex and language.  Human rights is used in this effect to promote equal rights for all individuals Universality  This comes from a shared human experience  We need to thin how human rights by digging though the issue that is related to identity and survival and to the integrity of a particular group like purism and the difference amongst groups with in society and think about the heart of the problem. The Problem  Is that there is a lack of socio economic rights since there is a majority of people with disabilities living in conditions of poverty and unemployment  What was just stated was seen as politically acceptable in other countries  Individual and state think about these problems and issues of structural power and depression which are not talked about amongst people with disabilities but have freedom broken in private and family by society and think about how the state is not always the main threat to relaxing human terms of exclusion. Disability Phobia  This is were there is a fear of disabled people even though most of the disabled people can do most of the things that the disabled can do  Our language struggles to conceptualize disabilities and disabled people abilism was included in the dictionary in 1981 Disabled people  To think about the majority of people being abled we need to think that everyone is disabled since anyone can fall into the disabled categories  This way of thinking creates connections between people who might be excluded by the labeling that we apply to our bodies and hue value in connecting minority into majority so people who do not have disability might not under stand the ways that our world is wired for presently abled people. Myth  The myth about disabled people is that they cannot do anything and cant help themselves in anyways  Is states how they have a disability and they cant think for themselves so they wont be able to make their own decisions of what they need and this si called totalizing identity Dependency  Identity that individuals disability involves dependency with disabilities to reassure assistance in which ways that others do not even see daily in their activities Systemic Issues  Systemic issues with the ultimate outcome are social marginality but in reality exclusion and barriers to participation are at first psychical and then social and come from attitudes and systemic obstacles and discriminations. Historical  Historically people with disabilities are segregated and current assumptions are mot mainstream and comes from a case for mental and intellectual disabilities  In the early 2oth century it was to institutionalize those with mental disabilities since they were claimed to have an issues so they kept them in a warehouse in 1960  In the early 20 century, people with medical disabilities came to doctors for help and society began to label and manage diseases and definition of health started to change and described as a state of compete psychical and mental and social well being notion of wholeness Bio Medical Approach  Disability was seen as a personal tragedy and the victim was expected to be taken care of by relatives and neighbors and friends and after world war 2 there was little help from the state     Image that canda wanted to portray with immigration policy cnada wanted a white Canada and abled cnaada we bar ppl withd siabilied frok becoming candians for actual ppl with diabiled already living I cad  \immigration huge role with needs and rights tried to deny there existence and constructed there invisible and policy resolved in treatment with insitutions philosophy base don notion of warehousing to critique how cterated  totoal instiuon no one insde reproduced and as what was the ime in this istance and total istituions wat the did was to warehouse ppl and little education nd nostrtegies fo adaptation ad development of the human beign in these residences an dmore often or not ppl isntituionalized for life and had effect like behavior fare worse then ppl were comted a d self fufiloj gporety I full offence thse instituons ofte opracticed sexual sterilization  pplwith diblieties cnat marya nd no licensne by the sate the bi package for rights ugenixs is soemthign that combined abt natural selcetdions wit ides abt heritary it was beelived that controlled breeding wiyd impre the uman race ppl who were inreifor cud not reproduce and ugenix was a psucdosicen to fcreate a suoer huma rcae allbase don xenophobia for ppl who lok or act difference an dproivded an scientific method ot pmeaure hamn potential ppl with dabiities ahd no vaue and not contribute to society an thi is a socam contrition and not objected or impericla sicenc ein alberta the ugenix movement was very string ansd sexual sterilization act and base don domiant belief att he tie I god splan they were helping indivuial who was terlilied nad society who mioved towars a perfect community provine didn’t heva enough money fedal minded in entla helath instutiosn and feard that pop of mental ppl increasing and acted like a sword aurhorized a igenix bored to sterilized as a conition of relaise fr an instituoon  in 1960sthere was a deiunstutionalizaiton movement base dn evidence that warehousing made ppl worse nad not better at this time we se a very apternaliic view on ppl with dibaiities and those hwo coudnt owork were deserving poor but did not have public assistance to prove with real ipprtuniites  diabolixe op are active in demanding hman rights andsoico def of diability and this objected in main stream dialogue discriminatory atttued then fucntulai imapremtne were the problems confronting dibbled ppl  rights of diabled intriuce tat he un and but it sytyl proced what it iscalled abist faem work and suggested that dibailed shdu ive normal life as others and recognizion fo stryggles of oters with disabilities  sociao intrgration = becoomgin sl reliant a possible within abilitst world not abt equtot or iensruign equlicalncy not abt sbstantie equltu  gov moved form
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