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Christy Leung Health in Crisis Class 6 Oct 25/10 Health Policies vs. Health Policy What is policy? - Public policy is the course of action or inaction chosen by public authorities to address a given problem or interrelated set of problems. Policy is a course of action that is anchored in a set values regarding appropriate public goals and a set of beliefs about the best way of achieving those goals - Informed by the political context - We tend to blame ourselves as to why we get sick - Shaping policy approaches in the country context, these model have a significance of policy government - Money gets inputted to biomedical researches – funding hospitals and clinics - Medical research is being funded in pharmaceutical research - Cutting back on social spending and social welfare, health, and housing  increasing economic and social inequalities - Canada enjoys a fairly good health status – far off of the health status such as Sweden - There’s room for improvement in Canada’s health status - Social policy is important too, to having a positive effect on the health policy - Promoting post secondary education for people to go, has to do with the government policy - Governments invested in the military - The Indian Act – colonization and treaty – document of the first nation and how it should be handled over time - Public policy was political and economic - Funding for the new policies were achieved through fundraising and increase on taxation  Health Policy - Historical Context - unpack the politics in policies - the ones outside the government tends to have no influence of the empowerment of the policies - neither liberal or conservative government has embrace the social determinant framework - social determinant framework has yet to be looked into by the government - Structure of health policy in Canada - reduction of social spending b/c the industrialized market had increase of consumption of goods - Orientation of health policy - look at areas such as income disparities, poverties, housing, working conditions, food security, and environmental pollution and social inequalities (gender, race, disability, etc) - we need a broad range of policies that aim to produce health - we should be looking at welfare and pensions, disability income – you fall into mass poverty if you were disabled - you need to start looking at the social policies as health policies - you also need to start taking much tougher anti-discrimination measures to cou
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