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Social Fact or fiction? Rules for observation of social fact Lecture 1- on Durkheim

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Social Science
SOSC 3375
Tanja Juric

Emile Durkheim 18581917Born on april 15th at epinal in LorraineMother was a merchants daughter father was a rabbiSpent early school years in a rabbinical school destined to follow the footsteps of his father grandfather and great grandfatherTuned to social sciences focussed on studies of kinship crime law religion and incest and socialismIt was rare that as a social scientist he was admittted into university when he didnt even have as much experienceTo have a social scientist come in and set the place on fire was seemed to shake things up since it was a french university195 set up the first european sociology department at the university and in the same year published that text that were reading nowEstablished himself as authority1896Established another bookFor resource for individuals that were looking for another source of soiologist methodsPhilosophers after Durkheim would amend some of his theories but his work was teh one that framed othersKinship group membership religious affiliation identity1897Book published on suicideBut looking at suicide in prodestant and catheloic communities1912Elementary forms of religious lives where he compared aboriginal and modest communitiesAll of his works showed the aspects of soceity working togetherThis is why some ppl will say that his method and his view of society is got to be a form of socioological functionalist Contd SlideInfluenced by Comtes positivismComte emphasised empirical facts and scientific lawsDurkheim agreed with comte in principleoEmphasis on facts scientific method avoid abstractionComtes positivism claimed that scientific laws could be deducted from emperical observationsDurkheim went beyond this to claim sociology would not only discover these laws by observing societysocial organization but in doing so would discover the inherent nature of societyoie How society functions and how relationships workPrecursor to functionalismCertainly durkheim would have come along at a point that a lot of philosophers would publicize whether or nto they do the things they doThat wasnt new to beable to engage in an analysis of these thingsHe introduced reject the analysis of natureHe wanted to argue that there was data there that could be measured and classifiedComte was looking at the collective of data that was able to be found in society and was doing something nDurkheim agreed with that then went on to discover that sociologist would not only discover these laws but in doing so would discover the
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