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Lecture 15

SOCI 2040 Lecture 15: Week 15-Jan 15, 2015.docx

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SOCI 2040
Fuyuki Kurasawa

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Keywords for next week Foucault and self regulation
1. Panopticon: instance of social regulation
2. Socialization as self regulation
Week 15 Foucault social regulation
1. Introduction
2. Power
3. Social regulation
4. Forms of social regulation
a) Exclusion
b) Normalization
Conventional View Foucault's conception
Resource passed by someone
(who has it?)
Tool to be exercised (how does it
Centralized and concentrated
(figure of the sovereign)
Decentralized and spread out
(metaphor of the network)
Possibility of a society freed from
All societies involve and will
involve relations of power
Forms of Social Regulation
1. Exclusion
a) Silencing
b) Segregation
2. Normalization - inventing normality. Normality isn't something natural, eternal. It is
something that is socially constructed. We invent. There is no such thing as normal the
way as such people understand it
a) Surveillance - to regulate us, not only those who are considered abnormal. To
control those of us who are normal
b) Discipline: - has to do a set of techniques. Has to do in the way we are trained, in
the ways that are considered normal
Training of body, mind, and soul
Knowledge and power
Individualizing (tailor-made)
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