PSY-3215 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Opponent Process, Ewald Hering, Afterimage

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27 Sep 2016
Dr. Kenneth Steele
September 26, 2016
Hermann von Helmholtz’s Color Mixing Experiments
What is the minimum number of primaries we need in a mixing system to be able to reproduce all
The answer is 3
Is there a special set of primaries that will only work?
The answer is no - there are all kinds of primaries that will work
The exception: one of the primaries cannot be a metamer of the other two
Red, green, and yellow would not work because red and green makes yellow
Trichromatic theory: there are three wavelength detectors
Colors are a mix of the activation of the three detectors
Ewald Hering
People tend to organize colors by four primaries
Red, green, blue, and yellow
When asking people to imagine a mix of colors, some mixes were easier to imagine than others
Red and yellow making orange is an easy mix
Red and green making yellow isn’t as easy
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