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BIOL 3150

Proteomics and Protein Translation (Chapter 13) • Three approaches to studying proteome o Mass spectroscopy o Phage Display o Yeast two hybrid • Protein interaction is not equal, some interact w/ more than others, same with complexes • Protein networks often contain hubs, small clusters of proteins that interact with many other proteins within protein network • Traditional biochemistry = study of individual proteins, proteomics = understanding of biological processes (whole proteome) • Gene ontology project attempts to assign to genes and their products (RNA, proteins) across different species a consistent term or functional description o Cellular component o Biological Process o Molecular Function o Humans are highest in cell-cell communication and defense/immunity • Protein microarrays could be used to study proteome (antibody or functional protein microarray) o Antibody microarray: antibodies are spotted onto array and antigens or proteins can be detected either directly or indirectly labeled with fluorescent dyes o Proteins spotted on a microarray can be detected with other proteins labeled with various fluorescent dyes to detect protein-protein interactions. • Protein Translation o 3 steps: initiation, elongation, and termination o tRNAs serve as information transfer between nucleic acid sequence and protein sequence (Crick) o Aminoacyl-tRNAsynthetase catalyzes covalent linkage of carboxyl end of an amino acid to the 2’or 3’OH end of adenine nucleotide at the end of acceptor arm of tRNA o 64 potential codons for 20 amino acids leads to degeneracy: multiple codons code for same amino acid o Wobble: base-pairing interaction between tRNAanticodon and mRNAco
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