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HIST 1059
Prasannan Parthasarathi

Chantz Delgado December 2 , 2011 Discussion 11 Essay Why the British Conquered India Dirk Kolff essay, “The End of anAncien Regime: Colonial War in India” suggests that the British did not conquer India because of superior technology. The imperialistic action occurred because the Indian states had become entangled in difficulties of a financial or personal character in British territory. India had significant problems in their military system that seemed as an advantage. “Pre-colonial Indian scene was an almost limitless availability of troops, horse as well as foot.” In other words, they had too much troops and no leader. When they turned to European leaders, these Europeans led India into rivalries with other European countries. Many writers felt that India’s “political culture and institutions proved a severe handicap” for developments that other European countries were instituting. What hurt India was that they believed that the best way to prepare for war was to employ lots of men o a permanent footing. Kolff believes that the best way to prepare for war was to “amass treasure and to keep in touch with neighboring rulers, war-lords, and roving bands who as allies and paid auxiliaries, can be crucial in time of war.” The Indian military did not understand this because of how great and abundant the troops were. The essay reads, “ In a military labor market so abundantly supplied that no leader, however rich, stood a chance of achieving a really effective degree of paramountcy, very large numbers of men continued to be drawn into soldiering as a profession and the political system could not but consist of a set of allied rivals and recruiting agents whose relations with each other and with the labor marke
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